How To Start A Nursing Blog…

As nurses we have awesome experiences to share with the world. It is just hard to find a voice or a space where we can share how we see healthcare and the changes that are needed to help it thrive. I was the same way then I decided I wanted to start my own nursing blog. I have enjoyed having a blog to share my challenging, heartfelt, and happy experiences as a nurse and will say over the over the last year I decided to focus on non-nursing ways to give back, but I am staying dedicated this year. And I recommend blogging to other nurses who like me, want to a online outlet to start conversations that potentially could make positive impacts in healthcare. So here’s how you start a nursing blog.

  1. Decide on what you will blog about
  2. See if the domain name you want is available
  3. Chose a domain name
  4. Select a website hosting site like 
  5. Install a blogging software like WordPress
  6. Select a Theme
  7. Design Your Site
  8. Write your first post
  9. Share your post via social media outlets

Being a nurse is challenging…starting a nursing blog is not. It’s really pretty simple.





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