Do You Have A Home Medication Plan?

Many Americans take medication at home, in fact, according to the CDC 82% of American adults take at least one medication. With that said, I am sure there are people who take medication efficiently without any issues AND others who run into problems like 1) remembering to give or take medication every day to a family member or themselves 2) running out of medication because they forgot to call for a refill 3) stopping medication too early because of common side effects 4) forgetting that they took their medication 5) having a organized medication plan at home.

So how do you have a organized medication plan at home? It is about being prepared and having tools/resources to ensure that medication administration goes smoothly on a daily basis and during emergencies.  If you want some advice, here are some suggestions to think about when developing a medication plan at home:

  • Where can medications be stored securely (to prevent abuse or poisoning) BUT so that you remember to take them
  • What can you use to remember to take/give medications daily (i.e. apps, pill boxes, etc.)
  • What are the special instructions for your medication (i.e. with food, avoid alcohol, etc.)
  • What are the side effects that you should report to your MD
  • How to determine levels of care you need when taking medication
  • Your emergency plan (do you have enough medications, are they with you)
  • How to track when it’s time for refills

It is better to plan than not to plan, especially since taking your medications are important and we all want you to be successful.