Does Your Business Give Medications…What’s Your Policy?

Many places outside of the home provide medication administration (i.e. daycares, group homes, schools). This is the #1 reason why it is important to have a medication administration policy. The rules and guidelines of medication administration can be outlined in a way that everyone who reads and implements the policy understand their role and limitations. Now, most people hate policies but truly policies don’t have to be bathroom or snow day reading. You can cover the “meat” of what you need to say as long as you address key points in how you want to handle giving medications. You also need to be aware of the guidelines/statues for medication administration in your country/state; these actually can help you get started. Here are some general tips writing/implementing a medication administration policy.

  • Name the policy
  • Write the importance of having this policy
  • Outline who you are writing the policy for
  • State your process (what has to happen…the X, Y, Z)
  • Develop related forms and include them in the policy
  • Get the policy out to everyone who need to know about the policy
  • For those who need to enforce the policy, I find it is always a good idea to have a sit down session to review the policy and allow for questions (this helps clarify misunderstandings and helps you to revise the policy if needed)

Now wasn’t that easy….now you can get started on ensuring that you have what you want for your company on paper. It will also increase the accountability for all involved and maybe even efficiency because now everyone can reference what they are doing and how they can do it .

Good luck! #simplesolutions