Tracking The Medications You Give…

Does your organization give medications? How are you keeping up with the medications that go in and out of your organization?

Tracking medications is an important part of medication administration, it is the accountability that every organization needs to protect the integrity of the process for both you and your consumer. But the #1 thing you have to do to ensure that you are tracking medication appropriately is to start planning. Planning will allow you to create a process that you can live with and one that becomes a part of a regular routine because we all know when things become routine that they create less stress for all those involved. It is also important and I highly recommend that you make it a practice to educate your consumer in how you do business as far as medication tracking is concerned. I am a big fan of brochures, pamphlets, handbooks, etc. (basically whatever it takes to get your point across) as a means to share your medication policy and how you track medications. So if you are ready to get started here are some key things you should include on your medication tracking tool:

  1. Consumer name/date of birth
  2. Name of the medication received and dosage
  3. Medication expiration date
  4. Amount of medication checked in/out
  5. Signature of the person checking in medication/who medication was released to
  6. Signature of your staff person indicating that they have check in and/or checked out a medication

Get started on your tracking tool today, you can do it! #simplesolutions