WaNT to KnoW wHo I AM…

My name is Alicia & I started blogging on my site in 2014 as a way to share my life & work experiences. I have seen life and healthcare from many perspectives as an believer in God, African-American, woman, divorcee, nurse, supervisor, and mom to a 7-year old son and now foster mom to a 13-month old. It has all shaped me into who I am becoming… who I have grown from… OR evolved into….and good or bad I felt all this mesh of things molded to create my life of hope, ideas, and passion! I feel like I have so many great ideas as a MomURSE (mom and nurse)…that I needed to create a place to share the knowledge or at least just get it out of my head!

My initial desire was to create dialogue that could be used to discover simple solutions to healthcare challenges. The problem became is that I never really found a way to organize it all or to transform it into a usable form. And to top it all off life became so distracting that I slowly began to turn my focus elsewhere. Now, it’s back, the same burning desire to help others with “experiences” I have lived. I have decided to start back but at square one. This time my hope is to stay on track and be more purposeful.

My goal is still to bring the viewpoint of a MomURSE who is simple, sophisticated, and savvy that has a strong interest in motivating nurses/moms/anyone who can use my experiences to better their own or improve others because let’s face it we are ALL the forefront of America and we have everyday solutions to everyday problems in healthcare, society, communities great and small if we just stop…to share…to think….to do.